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A Lifetime of Firsts Starts Here:ExpectingBaby App for iPhone and Android
ExpectingBaby app by Enfamil®

Track and share every moment of your pregnancy.

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  • Your Pregnancy Week by Week - Learn developmental facts about you and your baby each week.
  • Memories to Save and Share - Share updates and memories via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email.
  • To-Do List - Manage all your pregnancy to-dos with smart checklists and tips.


  • Go-Time Notification - Let others know you're in labor in one easy step.
  • Contraction Counter - Keep track of contractions and know when it's go-time.
  • Hospital Locator - Get to your hospital—or find one nearby—with the touch of a button.


  • Birth Announcement - Share baby's first photo and stats with a custom announcement.
  • Free Hospital Gift - Get a special welcome gift from Enfamil once baby arrives.


Play. Grow. Learn. Together:AmazingBaby App for iPhone and Android 
AmazingBaby mobile app by Enfamil®

Helps turn everyday moments—like play time and bath time—into perfect opportunities for you and your baby to play, grow and learn together.

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Everyday Moments Made Meaningful

The AmazingBaby app is full of fun activities that help you encourage your baby's development during the first year of life.

  • Easy-to-navigate menu is organized by "moment": Play Time, Fresh Air, Bath Time and Quiet Time.
  • Activities designed to be fun and beneficial for your baby's development.
  • Descriptions of exactly how each activity helps your baby reach important motor, cognitive, communication and social milestones.

Capture and Share Memories

Create a timeline of memories and milestones, and share those moments with friends and family.

  • Use your phone to snap pictures during the activities-or just describe your baby's reaction.
  • Review "memories" timeline where you can see all activities played, milestones reached and memories created.
  • Share those memories with friends and family on Facebook or by email.