Ashley Tisdale On First Time Mom Anxiety
Parental Anxiety

Ashley Tisdale On First Time Mom Anxiety

No matter how many books you’ve read to prep yourself, being a first-time mom often comes with first-time mom anxiety… Ashley Tisdale shares some of the anxieties she has felt along the journey so far, plus how to help overcome it.

Like most new moms, Ashley Tisdale went through the learning curve of motherhood. She got her first taste of witching hours, post-partum recovery, and feeding challenges, for instance. These obstacles brought up various revelations, from how complementary her and her husband are to the unnecessary pressure that moms put on themselves.

While the obstacles may lead to first-time mom anxiety, she learned to let go of the pressure, listen to your intuition, and choose to thrive.

Let go of the pressure

With so many eyes on you as a new mom, it’s pretty easy to feel some external pressure, and with a tiny human now relying on you, it’s easy to feel internal pressure, too. Being under pressure may make for a catchy song, but if it winds up controlling you, mom anxiety may creep in. 

For Ashley Tisdale, anxiety arose around breastfeeding: her baby, Jupiter, had trouble latching from the very first day. With pressure from all directions to breastfeed, along with the stigma around formula feeding, it’s hard to do anything other than keep trying. Naturally, breastfeeding is the best choice, but what happens when you can’t? While we should prioritize breastfeeding as our first option, know that it’s not the only option.

For the first two weeks, Ashley tried to make breastfeeding work, but Jupiter was hangry and frustrated. Fellow mom friends encouraged her to keep trying, but soon she realized that the most important person to listen to was her daughter.

“As a new mom, there's so much pressure,” she says. “And to put that pressure on yourself if it's not working out, I feel that we shouldn't feel that way. We should just do what's best for the baby.”

This leads us straight into intuition.

Listen to your intuition

Through this first-time mom experience, Ashley feels her intuition getting stronger, and she makes the conscious choice to listen to what it’s telling her. While she has read many books, she believes that when you’re really in the moment, you’ll intuitively know what to do.

Feeling the negativity between her and Jupiter around their feeding experience was a red flag. It wasn’t the positive, loving bond that she had expected it would be.

“I just felt intuitively: that's not okay and it's not right. And she was clearly trying to tell me it's just not happening.”

Ashley decided to listen to this intuition versus force a feeding path that wasn’t right for her and Jupiter. She switched to formula feeding, which she felt was the best decision she could have made. With 5-in-1 nutrient benefits to help Jupiter reach her big milestones, she landed on Enfamil Enspire. Now, Jupiter is fed versus hungry, and she’s fueled with nutrients like immune-supporting Lactoferrin (also found in breast milk), brain-building DHA, prebiotics, and more! Not only does Jupiter love it, but Ashley also knows she is doing the best for her baby. Plus, they get to share a loving feeding experience together.




Choose to thrive

Ashley had high expectations that Jupiter would be breastfed. She thought it would go easily for them, but the reality was simply that it didn’t. She recalls this feeling of striving versus thriving…

“Striving to force breastfeeding when it’s not working won’t be beneficial…there’s truly nothing to feel bad about. Choose to thrive instead. For me, that meant choosing to formula feed with Enfamil, which gave us similar nutrition; it was the best choice for both of us.”

The accuracy of Ashley’s intuition to choose formula feeding was clear as everything shifted back to a state of thriving.

“I just felt, for us, this was the right thing. And, honestly, it was the best decision because it's just been so much better from there on out…”

When it comes to motherhood, we all want a smooth ride to unfold. If you feel like you’re striving versus thriving, as Ashley says, identify what feels forced and find a new approach—one that feels right. Again, new mom anxiety is normal. Regain a sense of calmness by letting go of the pressure, listening to your intuition, and choosing to thrive.


Ashley Tisdale is an Enspire brand ambassador.