How Ashley Tisdale’s Nurturing Her Daughter’s Brain Health
Baby's Cognitive Development

How Ashley Tisdale’s Nurturing Her Daughter’s Brain Health

From tummy time and formula selection to toys that promote cognitive development, Ashley Tisdale makes smart choices to prioritize Jupiter’s brain health. Read on to learn more about what she’s doing and how to help support your baby’s little mind, too!

Like many other moms, Ashley had tried to breastfeed but found it difficult. Knowing that it wasn’t going to work, she researched everything she could about baby formulas and proper nutrition to find the right alternative, with cognitive and immune support being a non-negotiable.

“If I wasn’t going to breastfeed, I wanted to make sure Jupiter was getting the best nutrition from her formula in her early, formative months… Chris and I did a ton of research on the important ingredients she needed to support her brain development and immune health...”

Ultimately, she landed on Enfamil, which she describes as the best thing for her family. Not only does Enfamil give her baby, Jupiter, a wide range of nutrients for overall growth, it’s the #1 trusted brand for brain-building and immune support. Enfamil formulas include brain-building DHA in a global expert recommended amount to further fuel brain health. Why does this matter? In the first three years of life, 85% of your baby’s brain develops. Supporting this time with the right amount of Omega-3 DHA can be beneficial[1] as your little one grows.

“She [Jupiter] loves it, and it's so helpful, has so many key nutrients, and is helping her reach her milestones.”

As Jupiter grows, Ashley witnesses the cognitive development in action, which is exciting for her.

“It's really cool to see your baby touch something for the first time, hold something, rattle something…. you're like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so wild.’ They just know what to do.”

On a related note, if you’re looking for toys that promote cognitive development, consider a tummy time mat or activity gym, stackable toys, musical shakers, and rattles. These require various levels of motor skills, encouraging cognitive growth. Plus, infant toys for cognitive development are an amazing compliment to Enfamil’s brain-supporting nutrients!

While raving about the milestones that she’s watching Jupiter hit, Ashley also mentioned how much Jupiter loves to try to talk! Ashley and Chris talk to her a lot, and now she’ll chat on and on using the cute noises she makes. And another proud mom moment? Jupiter recently beat her tummy time record… Go, Jupiter!

“Every day, she’s just growing and changing,” Ashley remarks.

Switching to formula doesn’t mean your baby has to miss out on brain-building nutrients, you just need to find one that provides them! For Ashley, switching to Enfamil was a win-win. She proudly shares it was the right choice for her when breastfeeding didn’t work out, AND she has the added comfort of knowing her baby’s cognitive development is still supported (among many other benefits!).


Ashley’s excited to be a part of the Enfamil team, as a brand ambassador, because she wants to bring more awareness and normalcy to feeding options. With trusted formulas like the ones from Enfamil, you can feel confident that you’re still promoting growth and development from your baby’s head to their toes.


[1] World Health Organization recommended amount of DHA is 0.2%-0.36% of total fatty acids