Questions for Your Pediatrician: 24 to 36 Months

Here are some questions you might have at this stage:

  • Can you show me how my child’s growth plots on the charts?
  • Can you explain body-mass index (BMI) to me?
  • Does my child need vitamins?
  • How much juice should my child be drinking now?
  • How can I get my finicky toddler to eat better?
  • Are there particular foods I should make sure he eats or doesn’t eat?
  • Are there warning signs of developmental problems that I should be watching for?
  • Are there signs of autism I should be looking for?
  • How much sleep should my 2-year-old be getting?
  • How long should my child nap each day?
  • What’s a good bedtime for him?
  • Is it OK for adults to speak more than one language around my child?
  • How should I handle temper tantrums?
  • Are there particular toys or games you’d recommend for his developmental stage right now?
  • How can I encourage toilet training? What should I do if my child shows no interest?
  • Can you refer me to a pediatric or family dentist?

Also ask about these matters:

  • Your child’s personality—for instance, if he’s very clingy or hyperactive.
  • Persistent problems, such as if your toddler awakens during the night or is excessively fearful.
  • Concerns about discipline and tactics to try, such as time-out or logical consequences.
  • Advice on getting your child ready for a new sibling.
  • Advice about getting ready to start day care or preschool.