Believe it or not, you can enjoy total portability with formula feeding. All it takes is a little advance planning. Use our tips to help make feeding your baby a breeze when you’re on the go.

Consider your baby’s feeding schedule.

Here’s a tip to help head off any possible problems, before you head out the door: Schedule your errands for immediately after you’ve fed your baby. This way, you can enjoy a couple of hours out and about before your baby is hungry and needs to be fed again.

Count the number of feedings to prepare.

Before leaving home, prepare an appropriate number of bottles to have along in your diaper bag. Keep in mind that it is always a smart idea to have a spare bottle on hand, just in case. Note: Prepared bottles should be kept refrigerated at 35° to 40°F, so be sure to include an ice pack for your trip.

Measure formula before you go.

If you’ll be mixing powdered formula on the road, look for brands' premeasured packets and prepare bottles before you head out the door.

Consider using a Ready to Use formula.

Although this option may cost a bit more, this type of formula requires no mixing or refrigeration—so it’s available quickly and without fuss. It’s also a good choice if you’re not sure you’ll have easy access to clean water while you’re away from home. Curious to learn more about Ready to Use formula? Learn about our sizes and what might be best for your baby here.

Carry a waterproof diaper bag.

When you’re away from home, a waterproof diaper bag is a great way to carry formula and protect other items against damage from spills. Don’t forget to bring extra nipples in case one tears or gets dirty. If you have room, be sure to pack spare nipple caps and burp cloths. Being prepared is always a bonus when you’re out on the town with your baby.

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