Enfamil PREMIUM® is closer to breast milk than ever before.

Enfamil PREMIUM is the first and only infant formula to have the amount of both brain-nourishing DHA and inositol found in breast milk*.

  Enfamil PREMIUM

Inositol is a building block of the brain. And the amount of inositol in Enfamil PREMIUM is an amount previously only available to exclusively breastfed babies*.

Enfamil PREMIUM is the only leading brand that has the same amount* of brain-nourishing DHA breastfed babies receive.

DHA is an omega 3 fatty acid and building block of the brain. Enfamil PREMIUM has the same average amount of DHA that breast milk has. That's 2X the DHA of the other leading brand.

These nourishing amounts of DHA and inositol are just one more way Enfamil PREMIUM is narrowing the gap between breast milk and formula.

Only Enfamil PREMIUM has Triple Health Guard® blend, a patented formula that has:

  • Brain-nourishing DHA at the average amount found in breast milk. This amount is clinically shown to foster learning ability through age 5.
  • An exclusive prebiotic blend§ clinically shown to support immune health similar to the way breast milk does.
  • 30 nutrients for growth; has vitamins C, E and selenium to help protect cells

*The average worldwide levels in mature breast milk over the course of lactation of inositol: 22 mg/100kcal; and DHA: 0.32% of total fatty acids.
The average worldwide levels in mature breast milk of inositol is 22 mg/100 kcal and of DHA is 0.32% of total fatty acids vs the other leading brand 0.32% vs 0.15%. Enfamil has not been shown superior to Similac in nourishing infant's brain.
Average level of DHA in worldwide breast milk is 0.32% ± 0.22% (mean ± standard deviation of total fatty acids) based on an analysis of 65 studies of 2,474 women.
§Prebiotic blend exclusively found in Enfamil PREMIUM Newborn and Infant.