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A smart new look for smart choices.

We gave our packaging a makeover. And kept the brain-nourishing nutrition you expect from Enfamil® and Enfagrow®.

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Enfamil is the #1 Brand Recommended by
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New Clinical Study: Enfamil® and Learning Ability
In an independent clinical study, Enfamil® Infant is proved to foster learning through age 5.
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How to Tell the Difference Between Common Feeding Issues in Babies
Even before your baby was born, you may have heard about issues like colic, lactose intolerance and cow's milk allergies. But once you...
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Tips for Morning Sickness Relief
Morning sickness is a common occurrence among pregnant women. Enfamil® has created a list of tips to provide you with morning sickness relief.
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Enfamil® Staged Nutrition — inspired by the changing nutrition of breast milk. Learn More


Enfamil® EnfaCare®
To support the growth and development of babies who were...
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Enfamil® Premature
For rapidly growing premature or low-birth-weight babies.
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Enfamil® Human Milk Fortifier Acidified Liquid
Fortifies breast milk with extra protein and nutrients.
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A Little Background on DHA

Find out about DHA. Learn which foods have it - and why it's a good idea for your toddler.

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