Enfamil® EnfaCare®

Scientifically designed to support development and growth for premature babies during their first year of life after leaving the hospital.

  • Milk-based, 22-Cal/fl oz formula with extra vitamins and minerals* to promote your baby's healthy development
  • Expert recommended levels of DHA and ARA to support brain and eye development
  • Blend of nutrients and antioxidants to help your baby's immune system
  • Clinically proven to help premature babies achieve catch-up growth similar to that of full term, breastfed infants

*Compared to Enfamil® Infant
When used in a program of Enfamil formulas: Enfamil® Premature, Enfamil EnfaCare, and Enfamil Infant; based on a clinical study before the addition of prebiotics

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Enfamil EnfaCareScientifically designed to support premature baby development and growth.

  • With extra vitamins and minerals*, Enfamil EnfaCare is a milk-based, 22-Cal/fl oz formula that supports your baby's healthy development
  • Includes our blend of DHA and ARA (important fatty acids found naturally in breast milk) at expert recommended levels
  • Premature babies fed Enfamil formulas during the first year have achieved catch-up growth similar to that of healthy breastfed infants1
  • A premature post-discharge formula like Enfamil EnfaCare is often recommended to be used through 9 months of age

Ask your baby's doctor if Enfamil EnfaCare is right for your baby.


*Compared to Enfamil® Infant


1. Clandinin MT, Van Aerde JE, Merkel KL, et al. Growth and development of preterm infants fed infant formulas containing docosahexaenoic acid and arachidonic acid. J Pediatr. 2005;146:461-468.

Please refer to your product packaging for the most accurate information.
Please refer to your product packaging for the most accurate information.
Formula Calculator

Wondering how much formula you'll need?

Answer a few simple questions below to calculate the amount of Enfamil® formula your baby will need for an extended period of time.

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This Product is Available in:


  • 12.8 oz Cans

Ready-to-Use Liquid

  • 32 fl oz Cans
  • 2 fl oz Plastic Nursette Bottles
  • 8 fl oz Plastic Bottles


Choose Powder or Liquid?

Use the information below to help figure out which product form is right for you. Please refer to mixing instructions on the product label.

Powder Cans*Enfamil EnfaCare Powder Cans

Pour the desired amount of water into your baby's bottle, add powder, and shake well.

Nursette® BottlesEnfamil EnfaCare Nursette Bottles

Shake, open, and attach any standard nipple to the disposable bottle. There's no need to add water.

Ready-to-Use (RTU) Plastic BottlesEnfamil EnfaCare Ready-to-Use Plastic Bottles

Shake the bottle well, remove the bottle cap and foil seal, and pour into your baby's bottle. There's no need to add water.

Ready-to-Use (RTU) CansEnfamil EnfaCare Ready-to-Use Cans

Clean the can lid, shake well, open, and pour directly into your baby's bottle. There's no need to add water.



*Powdered infant formulas are not sterile and should not be fed to premature infants or infants who might have immune problems, unless directed and supervised by your baby's doctor.