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Already Receiving Mailings?

If you already receive postal mail from Enfamil Family Beginnings, updating your contact information will allow you to sign up for email and other offers, or change your preferences.

To start, enter the "Key #" from your mailer or package. You will then be able to update your registration. If you want to change your preferences, complete your registration then select "Update Profile" in the upper right corner of the page after you submit; you will be able to make your changes in the "Preferences" tab.

If you can't find your Key# or we are not able to find your Key# and Zip Code combination, please contact us via email at enfamilresourcecenter@enfamil.com or telephone 1-800-BABY123 (M-F 7am - 7pm CST/CDT, S, 8am - 4:30pm CST/CDT) so we can help!