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Toddler Formula and Nutritional Drinks

Your toddler is on the move and going through some big growth spurts. They’re starting to walk—and run! They’re speaking those precious first words and developing their very independent personality. Fueling all that action requires important nutrients and Enfagrow has DHA for brain support, calcium to strengthen bones, and vitamins to support immune health. Enfamil Enfagrow®  is a milk-based toddler nutritional drink for ages one and up that complements your child’s diet as they enter this new stage. 

What are toddler nutritional drinks and formula?

A balanced diet plays an important role in your little one’s growth and development, but even the healthiest eaters can experience a nutrient gap. For example, an expert-recommended daily amount of DHA can be hard to get from regular cow’s milk. Toddler formula or a toddler nutritional drink, like Enfagrow, complements your child’s diet to provide many of the important nutrients for your growing toddler

The best toddler formula and nutritional drink

Wondering how to select the best toddler formula or nutritional drink for your baby? What nutrients are key? When selecting the optimal supplemental nutritional drink for your toddler, consider options that have the following:

  • Brain-nourishing DHA 
  • Iron to support growth 
  • Vitamins to help support immune health
  • Calcium, vitamin D, zinc, and other nutrients to support growth
  • Prebiotics to help support gut health
  • A flavor your child will like with minimal amounts of sugar

Why Enfagrow toddler nutritional drinks?

From playing to discovering new sights, sounds, and tastes together, you and your little one have a lot going on. And while you may not have an extra hand to keep up with your curious, on-the-go toddler, you do have an extra source of vitamins and minerals that can help give their fast-growing body a dietary complement: Enfagrow. 

Our toddler nutritional drink is a convenient, easy way to support your child’s diet and complement all the wonderful whole milk, fruits, veggies, healthy fats, and proteins they’re starting to explore. Enfagrow can help cover your bases when it comes to your child’s nutrition with options that have these nutrients:

  • DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid to support brain development
  • Iron to promote brain development
  • Prebiotic blend designed to help support gut health
  • Vitamin D to support bone health

Other Enfagrow benefits:

  • Comes in powder and time-saving, ready-to-use bottles 
  • Non-GMO—made with ingredients that are not genetically engineered*
  • Yummy vanilla flavor option (parents of picky eaters, rejoice!)
  • Has 30% less sugar than the other leading brand
  • Enfagrow is from the maker of Enfamil, the #1 recommended infant formula brand by pediatricians

Let’s help fuel their exciting growth spurt.

Your fun, fascinating tiny human is changing fast. Enfagrow toddler nutritional drinks can complement your little one's diet and provide added peace of mind as they reach their next amazing milestone. Browse our selection or sign up for a free sample


*Not made with genetically engineered ingredients, but trace amounts of genetically engineered material may be present in the product from manufacturing environments and process sources. For more information, visit


†Enfagrow Natural Milk Powder (11 g sugar per serving) vs Similac Go & Grow (15 g sugar per serving).