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Prenatal Vitamins

As your body goes through amazing changes when you’re pregnant, your nutritional needs change too. If you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, you’re probably already focused on a healthy diet. While eating foods with protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and complex carbohydrates is always important, during pregnancy, your body—and your baby—require extra nutrients that can be challenging to get from diet alone. Enfamom Prenatal Vitamins are an easy way to help bridge those nutritional gaps and support you and your growing little one’s health and development.*

What are prenatal vitamins?

Prenatal vitamins are specially formulated supplements designed to promote a healthy pregnancy. Enfamom Prenatal Vitamins, for example, are advanced multivitamins that have nutrients especially important for expectant mamas and their babies. When taken daily, they provide recommended amounts of nutrients like folate, Omega-3 DHA, calcium, and iron. Through morning sickness, smell sensitivity, and all those other issues your body (and stomach) are experiencing, our prenatal vitamins can help keep your nutrient intake on track. 

What are the benefits of prenatal vitamins?

Enfamom supplements complement your well-balanced diet by giving you beneficial support from key nutrients that may be tough to obtain from natural food sources in the amounts recommended by experts

When choosing a prenatal supplement, look for ones that will give you the following nutrients:

  • Folate to help support early fetal development of the brain and spinal cord*
  • Omega-3 DHA, an important fatty acid that helps support your baby’s brain development* in utero and during breastfeeding 
  • Iron to support placenta and fetus development and reduce the risk of anemia in mom* 
  • Vitamin C to support immune health in both you and your baby*
  • Calcium to help support strong bones, which is particularly important if you’re lactose intolerant or consume limited amounts of dairy

The best prenatal vitamins are also ones you’ll actually want to take. So consider options like easy-to-swallow softgel or capsule supplements, or yummy prenatal gummy vitamins that are filled with flavor as well as all those important nutrients.


Let’s nourish you and your little one right from the start.

Enfamom Prenatal Vitamins can help provide peace of mind throughout your pregnancy journey, from preconception through your baby’s arrival and even postpartum. From softgels and gummy prenatal vitamins that have omega-3 DHA to our probiotic that supports immune and digestive health and postnatal emotional wellbeing, the Enfamom range of supplements can nourish you and your baby right from the very start. 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.