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Tummy Troubles

Please note: has select products available. Please use our store locator and visit your preferred retailer if you need help finding a product that is unavailable at this time. See details below has select products available at this time in order to meet the needs of the orders we have already received.

We understand how stressful this is for parents, and fully understand the importance of our role providing the single source of nutrition for many babies. Since the recall by another manufacturer, resources have been added to address the need but unfortunately, the wave of online orders is significant.

Please check our website for products available. You can also check for products by using the following resources:

  • Start with our store locator to search online and in-store availability
  • Ask your local store managers what days they expect to receive new shipments
  • Try both big box stores and smaller grocery stores they may not normally shop at
  • Check with pediatricians for available samples or promotions, as well as alternatives to your current product.
  • Be open to different sizes or formats of the brand you normally buy

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Sensitive Baby Formulas

Newborn babies and infants can be highly sensitive creatures and may have unique needs, which change as they grow. Watching your baby's diet and how they react to different foods and ingredients can help keep them in good health. Nutrition and what you feed your baby can play a role in their development.

You can try sensitive baby formulas and different baby formulas with different nutrients, ingredients, and more, to find the best formula for your baby. That said, while changing your baby formula may help with sensitivities, always consult your doctor for their advice.

What is sensitive baby formula and how is it different?

Sensitive baby formula has ingredients that nourish sensitive systems, and may be geared more specifically for milk and lactose sensitivities. You’ll want to read the baby formula label to fully understand what ingredients are in the infant formula. For example, Enfamil’s Sensitive infant formula has easy-to-digest proteins and expert-recommended DHA, which supports cognitive development.

How do you know if your baby could benefit from sensitive formula?

If your baby is being extra fussy or having tummy issues, it may be worthwhile to try a sensitive baby formula. A doctor can help you decide whether a sensitive formula is a good choice for your baby.

Why choose a specialized or sensitive Enfamil baby formula?

Enfamil has a variety of baby formulas and products that can support sensitivities and help support the growth and development of infants. To start, mommies can take prenatal vitamins during pregnancy.

Once a baby has tried different infant formulas and grown a bit, typically, parents can see whether that formula is working out well for their little one. If your baby has tummy issues or is fussy, talk to your child’s doctor about trying a different baby formula or switching up their food to help and identify which formula may work best for your infant.