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What is DHA & Why is It Important?

What is DHA and Why is it Good For Babies?

DHA is a nutrient that helps babies develop healthy brains, eyes, and more. Let’s talk about where to find it in foods for your baby–and you!

Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA is a type of omega-3 fatty acid that's found in certain foods and supplements, including many types of fish and algae. Omega-3 acids are important parts that form all sorts of cells in your body, especially in the eyes and brain.

Why is DHA so important for your baby?

DHA is a major building block for cells in the brain, eyes, and nervous system, which means getting enough of this nutrient is crucial for giving babies the best start in life. That’s why we like to use it in our baby formulas and prenatal vitamins!

DHA in your baby's diet

Before birth, babies get DHA like they do all other nutrients–from their mother. Adults get DHA primarily from certain foods or supplements that contain DHA, such as fish, or foods and vitamins that are fortified with fish oil. Many moms like to take prenatal vitamins to help provide healthy amounts of DHA for their developing babies.

After birth, babies can get DHA from breast milk, where it is found naturally, or infant formula that is fortified with DHA, such as Enfamil® NeuroPro™ or Enfamil® Enspire™.

DHA-fortified formula

The World Health Organization recommended amount of DHA is 0.2%-0.36% of total fatty acids. Enfamil infant formulas have 0.32% of total fatty acids as DHA, similar to the average amount found in world-wide mature breast milk.

In other words, we strive to make infant formula that is as close as possible to breast milk so that we can help as many babies as we can get the best possible start in life.

Foods with DHA

Great news for seafood lovers, fish and shellfish tend to be great natural sources of DHA. Grass-fed meats and eggs also contain some DHA, and there are certain types of algae, often used in vitamins and supplements, that also contain DHA.

There are countless delicious ways to get DHA on your plate–check out our recipes for all kinds of healthy meals you could try with your family.

And for those who want to make sure they’re including essential prenatal nutrition in their diet, we’ve got Enfamom™ Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral Supplement, which are packed with DHA!

Always consult your doctor and/or a nutritionist to find out what foods or vitamins would be right for you to add to your or your baby’s diet.

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