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Hypoallergenic Baby Formula

Food allergies are becoming more common, especially among babies and children. Hypoallergenic baby formula is a suitable choice for infants with food allergies, including cow's milk allergy

That said, figuring out your baby’s specific allergies and what ingredients in baby formulas may upset your little one can be challenging. It’s best to keep an eye on how your baby responds to baby formulas

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies who develop symptoms of an allergy may benefit from use of hypoallergenic baby formulas. Babies may have sensitivities or a sensitive tummy, yet using hypoallergenic formulas may not not be the best option. Consult your doctor on whether hypoallergenic baby formulas are right for your infant.

What is hypoallergenic baby formula?

Hypoallergenic baby formula is recommended for infants that have issues digesting cow's milk based formulas. If your baby has a cow's milk allergy it’s likely that doctors will recommend a hypoallergenic formula to use to remove what might be triggering the reaction. 

Hypoallergenic formulas have a different way of processing where the proteins have been pre-digested so that the large milk proteins are broken down into smaller proteins. Extensively-hydrolyzed formulas result in the elimination of intact cow's milk allergens, which are often recommended for most babies with a cow milk protein allergy.

What is the best hypoallergenic formula for infants?

You want to check with your doctor first for recommendations on the best hypoallergenic baby formula for your little one, and for proper identification of a cow's milk allergy. Although some hypoallergenic formulas may help with different food allergies and gastrointestinal issues, they may not be the best option for your baby depending on their needs. It’s important to check labels and discover which ingredients work best in your baby’s body. 

Can a baby be allergic to hypoallergenic formula?

It is possible for babies to experience issues with hypoallergenic formula. Although it is a formula designed for infants who are allergic to cow's milk, a small percentage of infants may still react to it. It’s best to talk to your doctor to decide which baby formula is best.

Some baby food allergy symptoms to look out for:

  • Wheezing
  • Rashes or hives
  • Eczema
  • Diarrhea
  • Irritability
  • Swelling of the face and lips
  • Vomiting and stomach pain

What makes Enfamil hypoallergenic formula safe?

Hypoallergenic baby formulas are safe to consume, however, it’s recommended you talk to your doctor before giving it to your baby. Food allergies and intolerances can be tricky to pinpoint and it may take time to determine which may be the right formula for your child. 

Enfamil has over 100 years of formula making expertise and works with expert nutritionists to develop safe and nutritionally appropriate baby formulas. The PurAmino Hypoallergenic baby formula has expert-recommended DHA to support brain development

Enfamil is also the maker of Nutramigen, the #1 recommended brand for managing infants who are allergic to cow's milk. Our hypoallergenic baby formula is tested, safe, and highly reviewed by consumers too.