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What to Expect When Switching to Nutramigen®

What to Expect When Switching to Nutramigen®

Nutramigen® is a hypoallergenic formula that is specifically designed for infants with cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA).

Nutramigen® relieves colic due to cow's milk allergy fast.

Switching to Nutramigen® at a Glance

  • Less crying: starts to relieve colic due to CMPA within 24 hrs.
  • Less eczema: reduce eczema severity from moderate to mild in just 4 weeks.
  • Zero blood in stools: infants fed Nutramigen with Probiotic LGG had no blood in their stools at 4 weeks.

Nutramigen® (Hypoallergenic) vs Gentlease vs Sensitive Formulas

Please note that Nutramigen® should only be used under the direction and guidance of your pediatrician, as it is intended for infants with CMPA.

The difference between Nutramigen® which is a hypoallergenic formula, and gentle formulas, are how milk proteins are broken down.

  • Nutramigen® is a hypoallergenic formula. It is an “extensively-hydrolyzed formula” which means its proteins are broken down to such tiny pieces that they are not likely to trigger an allergic reaction.
  • Enfamil Sensitive formula has partially hydrolyzed proteins and designed for babies with lactose sensitivity, but it is not intended for infants with cow's milk protein allergy.
  • Enfamil® Gentlease also has partially hydrolyzed proteins, but it is not necessarily designed for babies who have lactose sensitivity; it is designed to help ease general fussiness and gas.

Formula Name

Protein Type


Nutramigen® Extensively-hydrolyzed Hypoallergenic formula
Enfamil Neuropro Partially hydrolyzed Designed for babies with lactose
Enfamil Gentlease Partially hydrolyzed Designed to ease general fussiness and gas

Tips for introducing Nutramigen® to your baby's diet

Always check with your pediatrician before switching baby formulas. If your baby has a cow’s milk protein allergy, your doctor might recommend an immediate switch to Nutramigen®, and while many babies have no issues switching formulas, it’s also not uncommon for babies to take 3 to 5 days to become used to a new formula, especially hypoallergenic formulas, which can smell and taste different from breast milk and other formulas. You may notice this difference when you open a container and make the formula for the first time too!

  • Try to introduce a Nutramigen® when your baby is hungry.
  • Try to be positive during feeding times as babies can pick up on your reactions, such as from facial expressions and the sound of your voice. Let them know it’s going to be yummy and feel good in their tummy!
  • When you are ready to start weaning your baby, check out these additional tips for introducing your baby to solid foods with Nutramigen®!

Once your baby begins to realize the new formula doesn’t cause the same sort of discomfort, they may become less collicky and more eager to feed again!

How long does it take for Nutramigen® to work?

Nutramigen® Infant Formula is a hypoallergenic formula clinically shown to manage colic due to cow's milk protein allergy fast, in as quickly as 48 hours.

Where to find Nutramigen®

Nutramigen® can be found at most major retailers including Amazon, Target, Walmart, your local grocery store or pharmacy, and online.

We also welcome you to join Enfamil Family Beginnings to receive exclusive offers, samples, discounts, and expert advice and support to help you along in your parenting journey!

‡ Reduced crying in ~90% of infants within 48 hours when managing colic due to cow’s milk allergy. Studied before the addition of DHA, ARA or LGG®.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enfamil Nutramigen® is similar to other hypoallergenic formulas such as Similac Alimentum and Gerber Good Start Gentle. For more details see our formula comparison guide.*

*These are trademarks of entities not related to Reckitt/Mead Johnson Nutrition

If your baby has colic due to cow’s milk protein allergy, ask your doctor about switching to Nutramigen®.

When preparing Nutramigen®, it’s important to follow the instructions on the product packaging. Be as precise as you can with your measuring tools and using the correct amount of water. Watch: how to prepare baby formula

Nutramigen® powdered formulas should be stored in a cool, dry place. Partially consumed formula should be discarded. Unopened cans should be stored in a dry place and not exposed to direct sunlight.  Opened bottles of liquid formula can spoil quickly. Either feed immediately or replace the cap and store in the refrigerator at 35-40°F (2-4°C) for no longer than 24 hours. Do not use an opened bottle if it is unrefrigerated for more than a total of 2 hours. Do not freeze. After feeding begins, use formula within one hour or discard.

Once prepared, Nutramigen® should be used within 2 hours or discarded. Prepared, unused liquid formula can be refrigerated for up to 48 hours.

After starting Nutramigen®, you may notice more frequent, loose stools, sometimes of a greenish color. This is not at all uncommon for babies who switch to hypoallergenic formula, but if you have any concerns don’t hesitate to speak to your doctor.

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