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Toddler Milestones: 18-to-24-Month Milestones

Toddler Milestones: 18-to-24-Month Milestones

Toddlers have their own timetables and do their own thing at their own pace. So, don’t worry! Here are some common 18- to 24-month milestones.

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18-month milestones for your toddler: Thinking

  • Knows how household items are used (a phone to talk)
  • Imitates adult actions (throwing away trash, brushing their hair)
  • Pretends to do everyday tasks using toys (feeds a stuffed animal)
  • Increased understanding that everything has a name
  • Points to a body part when asked, “Where’s your chin?”
  • Can follow one-step commands without gestures, such as, “Sit down”
  • May remember favorite items that are out of sight (crackers in cupboard, a toy in the toy box)

18-month milestones for your toddler: Moving

  • Runs
  • Dances or moves to music
  • Navigates stairs; may need support coming down
  • Walks and pulls a pull-toy
  • ”Rides” a tricycle but pushes with feet instead of using pedals
  • Takes off some clothes without help
  • Uses a spoon; possibly a fork
  • Builds a tower of approximately six blocks
  • Folds paper

18-month milestones for your toddler: Communicating

  • Can say up to 50 words at around 24 months
  • Begins to add new words more rapidly
  • Tries longer, multi-syllable words
  • Shakes head and says “no"
  • Uses gestures to make wishes known
  • Uses simple phrases around 18 to 24 months
  • Speaks first sentence around 18 to 24 months
  • Uses pronouns
  • Sings

18-month milestones for your toddler: Understanding

  • Throws tantrums when upset
  • Still afraid of strangers
  • Still clings to parents or caregivers in unfamiliar situations
  • Quick emotional shifts

While your toddler experiences all kinds of exciting milestones at 18 to 24 months old, the best part is watching their delight every step of the way. Find out how  you can continue to help your toddler grow by providing them with important vitamins and nutrients

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