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5 Months Pregnant - What to Expect

5 Months Pregnant - What to Expect

What you and your baby might be experiencing during the halfway mark: your fifth month of pregnancy.

At 5 months pregnant, you’re at the halfway mark. There’s already been so much growth and development, but there are still plenty of changes on the horizon. You may be feeling some lower back pain and leg cramps, but you could also be enjoying thicker and shinier hair. And you might also be feeling your active little one move for the first time! Check out what could be in store for you and your baby this month.

Common body experiences at 5 months pregnant

Lower back pain

Your lower back may begin feeling a bit achy at 5 months pregnant. Your growing belly causes your center of gravity to move forward, which can alter your posture, straining the center of your lower back and the back of your pelvis. Plus, between hormones relaxing your pelvic joints and the extra weight you’re carrying, you may experience increased joint pain.

If you’re dealing with lower back discomfort, do your best to practice good posture, support your back when sitting, use a pregnancy belly support band, and (temporarily, at least) trade those high heels for supportive, low-heeled shoes with good arch support.

Leg cramps

Leg cramps, a sudden tightness and pain in your leg, are common during the second and third trimesters. Dehydration, circulation changes, weight gain, and muscle fatigue are all potential contributors to these involuntary muscle spasms that often affect the calf and foot.

Exercising (with your doctor’s green light), stretching your calf muscles, wearing supporting footwear, and consuming plenty of water may help with leg cramps. Reach out to your doctor if you have severe leg cramps.


Pregnancy can affect your circulation and blood pressure which may cause you to occasionally feel lightheaded or dizzy. Here are a few strategies that may help ease dizziness:

  • Stand up slowly when rising from seated or lying positions.
  • Avoid long periods of standing or sitting.
  • Eat nutritious snacks throughout the day.
  • Stay hydrated.

Discuss your dizziness with your healthcare provider, who can evaluate your issues.

Skin changes

You may experience several skin changes during your pregnancy, including darkening of nipples, stretch marks, acne, and skin tags. It’s those hormones again, but every expecting mama is different, and not everyone has the same issues.

You may also notice dark splotchy areas on your face. Wear sunscreen or a hat that covers your face to help protect your skin, clean your face every morning and night, and moisturize your skin—especially your belly, which may be itchy and dry.

Hormones and the extra blood your body is producing may give you that luminous “pregnancy glow,” one of the more pleasant skin changes that can leave your skin looking bright and radiant.

Hair and nail growth

You may be loving your shiny, luxurious locks and strong nails, as hormones can boost hair and nail growth. Enjoy this pregnancy perk and treat yourself to manicures, new hairstyles, and cute accessories.

What else might you expect at 5 months pregnant?

Nasal congestion, heartburn, breast sensitivity, and vaginal discharge are a few other issues you may be experiencing this month. But hang in there: At 5 months along, you’re at the midpoint of your pregnancy.

5-month pregnant belly size

At 5 months pregnant, you may have that long-awaited, visible baby bump. Starting at the 20-week mark, your doctor will likely start measuring from your public bone to the top of your uterus in centimeters. This measurement helps your doctor assess the baby’s growth. At 20 weeks pregnant, the height of your belly should be close to 20 centimeters, or approximately 7.8 inches.

Month 5 weeks 19-22: Over the next 4 weeks, your baby will grow from being the size of a mango to the size of spaghetti squash.
Month 5 weeks 19-22: Over the next 4 weeks, your baby will grow from being the size of a mango to the size of spaghetti squash.

How is your baby growing during the fifth month of pregnancy?

Your baby may be moving a lot. Their muscles are formed, and it may seem like you have a tiny soccer player in there. The lungs are still developing, and footprints and fingerprints have formed—they’re even beginning to grow hair on their head!

At 5 months pregnant, the fetus is about the size of a sweet potato.

Pregnancy checklist for month 5

  • Go for your 20-week ultrasound appointment. Be sure to let your doctor know if you want to keep your baby’s gender a surprise until the big day.
  • Research childbirth classes that can help you and your partner understand labor stages, delivery methods, pain management options, and tips on how your partner can best support you.
  • Begin looking for a pediatrician.
  • Create your baby shower registry.
  • Start compiling a list of potential baby names.

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Frequently asked questions about the fifth month of pregnancy

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