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6-Month-Old Milestones

6-Month-Old Milestones

They’re discovering new and surprising things at every stage. But they do so at their own pace. So, don’t compare and worry! Here are some 6-month-old milestones to expect with your little one.

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Celebrate with your little one as they reach these milestones for 6-month-old babies.

6-month-old milestones for your baby:


  • Shows interest in complex patterns
  • Focuses on small objects
  • Smoothly tracks moving objects
  • Increased attention span 
  • Experiments with cause and effect
  • Discovers object permanence (an object is still there even when they can’t see it)
  • Understands sequencing (setting up a high chair means it’s time to eat)


  • Holds up their head without support when upright
  • Pushes up to elbows and arches back when on stomach

  • Rocks on stomach; waves arms and legs

  • Rolls from stomach to back, then back to stomach

  • Sits in frog- or tripod-like position without support

  • Coordinates hands and eyes (sees an object, then reaches for it)

  • Rakes object toward them and grasps it

  • Brings object to mouth with good accuracy

  • Uses hands to explore body; grabs feet when lying on back

  • Can stand on your lap or a firm surface and bounce


  • Uses different cries to express hunger, pain, sleepiness, or boredom
  • Listens to your language patterns and copies those sounds

  • Makes more complex, two-syllable babbles that combine vowels and consonants (“ah-goo,” “bah-bah”)

  • Babbles begin to sound like intonation used in real language

  • Squeals, giggles, and laughs to draw attention


  • Distinguishes emotions from your tone of voice and expressions
  • Uses voice and facial expressions to convey emotions

  • Observes faces; makes and maintains eye contact

  • Copies facial expressions and movements

  • Expresses emotions more distinctly

  • Soothed by your presence and voice when upset

  • Personality becomes more apparent

And those are the milestones for your 6-month-old. Your baby is already half a year old, so they’ll be walking and talking before you know it. Be sure to look out for milestones coming at 7 months!

If I could give advice to my former self and mommas-to-be, it would be don't stress the small stuff because there are way worse things that could happen. – Enfamil® mom

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