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What's Your 9-Month-Old Baby Up To?

What's Your 9-Month-Old Baby Up To?

Problem solving. Stronger communication skills. Independence. Your 9-month-old is making strides in brain development on their way to toddlerhood. Let’s feed their mind as they continue to boggle ours.

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Your 9-month-old baby’s development and milestones 

  • Solves simple problems and adapts to change
  • Vowel/consonant combinations begin to sound more like words
  • More control over social interactions

9-month-old development: Problem solving

Your baby’s brain makes quantum leaps as they move into toddlerhood. Now, when you put a rattle under the blanket, instead of crying, they’ll reach under the blanket and get it without your help. Ta-da! This brain development is known as “acting intelligently.”

9-month-old development: Communication

To your 9-month-old, the strings of nonsensical words like “nana” and “baba” are a perfectly good answer to your question about dinner. But exciting new progress happens when those babbles begin to sound more like words. You might wonder, “Did my baby just say ‘spoon’?” Why, yes, they did! While a true connection between the sound and the object it refers to may not happen right away, your cutie’s advancements will amaze you nonetheless.

9-month-old development: Independence

Your baby might begin to use their cognitive and motor skills to get their way. They may demand to be held, insist on sharing your food, crawl toward you when they want you, or rebel against a diaper change like a little boss. This independence, for better or for worse, shows that your baby is growing up.

9-month-old development: Learning games 

Using gestures as simple sign language—like waving and shaking your head yes or no—helps your baby understand basic communication. If your little one responds to this form of communication, explore some other signs to learn together.

By setting up bedtime, bath time, and feeding time routines, your baby will begin to understand and predict what will happen next.

Your little one is showing their independence and making strides with brain development at 9 months old. Get ready for even more exciting developments in month 10 as they get even closer to toddlerhood!

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