Sensory Learning: How a Baby's Brain Gets Information from His Mouth and More

Baby cereal may be the first food you introduce to your baby. The smooth texture of the baby cereal means your baby shouldn't have difficulty chewing or swallowing it. Making sure foods are a manageable texture for babies is really important to prevent them from choking.

If your baby has recommended that you add baby cereal to your child's diet, you may use infant formula powder or prepared infant formula rather than water to make the cereal in a bowl. Do not add cereal to infant formulas or toddler formulas in a bottle or sippy cup.

Baby Cereal 


  • 3 tsp of baby cereal
  • 3 Tbsp Nutramigen® with EnfloraLGG® powder
  • water


  • Add the baby cereal to the Nutramigen® with EnfloraLGG® powder.
  • Add water to desired consistency.
  • Mix together well.
  • Leave to thicken, which takes around 5-10 minutes.


  • Baby cereal can be used to thicken any food when sprinkled over it and stirred in.
  • Remember to check the ingredients.