Allergy Assessment Tool


    Cow’s Milk Allergy Test for Infants

    Take this quick cow’s milk allergy test to help gather information about your baby’s symptoms and to print and share with your pediatrician.

    Could it be Cow’s Milk Allergy?

    17 Questions

    Cow’s Milk Allergy Resources

    This completed test may help to support a diagnosis of cow’s milk allergy but only under the guidance of a healthcare professional. This is not an exhaustive list of cow’s milk allergy indications, so make sure to tell your doctor about any other issues that you’ve noticed in your baby. You should always speak with your doctor if you are worried about your baby’s health. Below are more resources you may find helpful:

    More Information About Cow’s Milk Allergy
    Learn about the top signs of cow's milk allergy and more.
    Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician
    Not sure what questions to ask your pediatrician? There are no wrong questions, but to get you started on the right track, see our list of questions to ask your pediatrician.
    Feeding Log
    Record your baby's eating and stooling behaviors to give your pediatrician a better understanding of potential issues.