You're not crazy. You're hormonal. Or at least it's a possibility. Doctors believe that food cravings may be the result of hormonal changes that can heighten your pregnancy smell sensitivity and alter your perception of taste, for better or worse.

Cravings during pregnancy

Q: Does every woman have weird food cravings during pregnancy including enchiladas and gooseberries?

A: Not exactly. But most pregnant women report craving unusual combinations. Generally things like sweets, fruits, fruit juices, sour fruits, salty or spicy foods, bland foods, and crunchy or chewy foods.


Q: Why do my food preferences completely change during pregnancy?

A: Your hormonal changes during pregnancy can also change your perception of smell and taste, which can bring on food aversions. If you have an aversion to a healthy food, try substituting another one that has the same nutrients.

Q: Why do I suddenly have a bionic sense of smell during pregnancy?

A: Hormones can do that during pregnancy. Strong smells, like brewing coffee or perfumes, can bother you more now, or even make you feel queasy.