Consumer Specialist


"I have had multiple instances where the family is on their last can of formula and baby will be out before they are able to special-order the product. Sometimes this is a formula miscalculation by mom, and sometimes, they've ordered the formula in plenty of time but due to weather delays or other unforeseen circumstances, the formula won't be delivered on time. Either way, it's our top-priority that the baby has the formula that he or she needs. 

I love being able to tell mom who is worried sick about feeding her baby, "Don't worry, I've got formula on the way for you." Or, "I'm getting sample cans dropped off at your pediatrician's office to hold you over. You can pick them up anytime." 

Concerned about trying a different product? Too many choices? Seem expensive? Confusing? Just call us. We're ready to help you. 


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