Video Transcript

Exercises for Managing Physical Complications After Delivery - Back and Chest Muscles

Mid-Back Extension

You want to be able to maintain good posture. Ideal posture is having your ears over your shoulders, over your hips. So basically it'd be perfect to be able to maintain that kind of posture as you feed the baby. That means you're going to have to bring the baby to you. But you don't want to work those muscles for 10, 15, 20 minutes straight. So now whether you use the arm of the chair or a pillow have like a few key pillows in just the right spots where you're going to be nursing so now you've got the baby where you need him/her and you don't have to actively use the muscles the whole entire time. Maybe if you're nursing in a not so ideal position or just all that, you know, bathing the bab,y all the forward bending that you tend to do with he new one - changing diapers, bathing...a nice way to counteract that is to do some mid-back extension and bring your elbows close together, and then you just simply press your elbows back toward the ceiling. You don't necessarily have to extend your neck, you kind of...again, you want to keep your neck in alignment with the rest of your spine. So, hands behind your head, elbows close together, and just press your elbows up toward the ceiling until you feel that in your middle back and back down to 10 to 15 repetitions. Another one you can do to even kind of open up the chest and also stretch out these pectoralis muscles is a corner stretch and I could show you over here.

Corner Stretch

Okay, for the corner stretch, just find any open corner you're going to place one foot forward to accept your weight and put your elbows up at about shoulder height then you simply lean in until you feel a nice strong stretch across the front of your shoulders. Actually, want to go ahead and do a littlpelvic tilt draw your belly button in to keep your back a little flatter and now lean in till you get a good stretch across the front of your shoulders and again you could just hold that for about 30 seconds and do two or three repetitions. On your second repetition, you could switch and bring your other leg forward and go ahead and tighten your stomach. First, keep those elbows at shoulder height and then lean on in until you feel a nice strong stretch across your shoulders.