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For You

 Comfortable clothes and a going-home outfit

Plan on packing about 3 outfits. Bring comfortable, loose items that can be easily layered. Socks and underwear are a must, along with comfortable bras. Consider packing tops with openings or buttons in the front if you plan on breastfeeding. Dark clothing may be helpful for hiding unwanted leaks. You’ll probably still look about 5 or 6 months pregnant post-delivery, so bring a roomy going-home outfit and a pair of flat, comfortable shoes.


Bring a pair of your favorite pajamas. Even better – two! It’s best to have a set of warm pajamas and a lighter set to help keep you comfortable. Bring a sweatshirt or sweater too if you have room.


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 Robe or nightgown

Hospitals provide gowns and socks, but you may prefer to wear your own. A robe or nightgown keeps you covered and comfortable. It should have loose sleeves so the nurses can easily check on your recovery.

 Socks and slippers

Bring a pair of comfortable slippers that can be easily laundered. Sticky socks or slippers with traction are helpful for walking the hospital floors.

 Nursing bra

Whether or not you plan to breastfeed, a good bra can provide some comfort before and after delivery. A nursing bra will be handy if you plan to breastfeed.

 Nursing items

These may include breast pads, lanolin/nipple cream, and a nursing pillow. You may want to bring a nursing cover for when you have visitors.

 Pads & extra maternity underwear

The hospital will provide sanitary pads and mesh underwear for bleeding after delivery. You may want to pack heavy-duty sanity pads and cotton underwear that can get ruined. Make sure you have some at home, too.


Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, facial cleanser, moisturizer, lip balm and toilet paper are necessities to make your stay at the hospital more comfortable.



Be sure to pack your glasses and extra contacts, lens cleaner, and contact solution and case.


Bring flip-flops for the hospital shower.

 Hair care products

Pack shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, and a hairbrush. Don’t forget ponytail holders or a stretchy headband to help keep your hair out of your face during delivery. Pack your hair care liquids in small travel containers to keep your bag light.

 Items for pampering or relaxation

These items may include facial/body massage oils or lotions, back massager, stress-relieving squeeze ball, makeup, and nail polish. These items can help you stay relaxed and feeling like yourself—and looking your best in the first photos with your new baby.

 Soft pillows

Hospitals provide as many pillows as you want, but they may be uncomfortable. Pillows from home may help you relax and rest comfortably. Use colored pillowcases so they don’t get mixed up with the hospital pillows. Don’t forget a pillow for your partner, too.

For Your Baby

 Going-home outfit for baby

The hospital will provide diapers, but be sure to pack an outfit for your baby to wear home. You may want to pack a few different sized outfits. It’s best to bring footed onesies with legs, so the car seat strap can be fastened between them.

 Baby blanket

Be sure to pack a few warm, soft blankets for your baby. You may want one for swaddling your baby, and one to tuck around your baby in the car seat on the way home.

 Baby care items

These include baby wipes, nail clippers, an emery board, socks, mittens and a hat.

 Car seat

You can’t bring your little one home without one! Make sure it’s properly installed ahead of time and know how to fasten the seat correctly.

 Baby book

Cherish first moments by getting your baby’s footprints in your baby book. You may also want to record some of your baby’s birth details.


 Phone and charger

Make sure you and your partner both have your phones and chargers when you head to the hospital. Download helpful apps before you head to the hospital, like the contraction timer on the ExpectingBaby app. Make sure you have phone numbers of family and friends.

 Camera or video camera

If you plan on using your phone to take photos or videos, be sure to pack your charger. You may want to bring a battery-powered charger as a backup. Consider clearing memory space on your phone before it’s time for the hospital so you have plenty of room for new baby photos!

 Music & headphones

Create a few relaxing playlists before it’s time for the hospital. You may also want to put together an upbeat playlist to help get you through labor.


Your favorite shows or books may help you—and your partner—pass the time during a long labor.

 Wi-Fi Hotspot

Hospital Wi-Fi can sometimes be spotty. A personal hotspot can provide a backup.

For Your Older Kids

 Books/playing cards/puzzles


Bring photos of your other children to place by your bedside, so they can see that they are on your mind, too.

 Gifts for older siblings

You may want to bring presents for your other children from the baby.

Other Items

 Snacks and drinks

After hours of labor, you’ll likely be pretty hungry. Bring your own snacks for you and your partner—granola bars, crackers, dried fruit, and bottled or flavored water. Bring sugar-free hard candy to suck on during labor.

 A journal or pen & paper

This may come in handy for timing contractions, tracking your baby’s feeding sessions, or jotting down notes from your doctor.

 Books or magazines

 Picture ID, insurance information & hospital forms

 Cash & change

Bring cash and change for the vending machines.

 An extra bag

You’ll likely be coming home with more stuff than you brought. Bring an extra bag for gifts and items from the hospital.

What NOT to Bring

 Jewelry and other valuable items

 Any clothing items that you don't want to ruin

 Any toys that may pose a danger to you, your baby, or family and friends

Leave behind any toys with small parts.