Are you excited and maybe a little nervous about introducing solid foods to your baby? Most babies start solids by six months.To see if your baby is ready, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does he hold his head up well? 
  2. Sit up with support?
  3. Seem interested in food?
  4. Likes to mouth his toys?

When he's ready, iron-fortified infant cereal is a good first food. Start very small, with just half a spoonful. Mix one tablespoon of single-grain cereal with four to five tablespoons of breast milk or formula. It will taste familiar without being too thick. Expect a mess as your baby is learning. Offer formula or breast milk in between meals to keep him satisfied. 

You can even start a solid feeding session with a little drink to calm your baby and his hunger. Wait at least three days between new foods so your baby gets used to each one and to make sure there is no allergic reaction. Choose a single pureed vegetable, fruit, or meat. Eggs, fish, soy, and wheat are all safe too as long as your little one isn't allergic to these foods. 

Soon enough, feeding time will be fun time every day!