Toddler Development: Month Ten

  • She is more accurate in learning that objects exist even when she can't see them
  • She may develop a greater attachment to Mom and Dad
  • She knows the meaning of the word “no”
  • She shows a dramatic increase in single word comprehension



Socializing through Social Referencing

When she is uncertain about a situation, she will look at your facial expression. If you are smiling, she will continue with her desired activity. If you frown, she will stop what she is doing. This remarkable human infant skill develops from markedly improved vision, babies' interest in human faces, and her realization that she is uncertain about a situation. You may recognize this as a common behavior in adults too!

The Power of No

Could there be a more important word in your toddler's repertoire than “no”? She probably can't say it yet, but she certainly understands it. Most babies start expressing “no” by shaking their heads from side to side. And of course, by flinging the offending object to the floor.

From your perspective, saying no firmly and clearly is a good way to set limits for your toddler. Especially where her safety is concerned.

Word Comprehension

Typically, comprehension skills come before the spoken word. By one year of age, a toddler might understand 20 or more words and speak three. Understanding or comprehending words and toddler communication is truly a major development growth because it shows that the toddler recognizes that a sound, a word, is always associated with a particular thing. So when Dad says to Mom, “Where is my shoe?”, the 10-or 12-month-old can crawl or walk to retrieve the shoe!

Exploring the Wonders of the Cardboard Box

Haven't you noticed that the wrapping paper is more exciting than the toy that came in it? And that boxes, pans, spoons and keys provide riveting entertainment? Enjoy these simple days before the onslaught of TV and video games.

Part of this fascination with the everyday will lead your toddler to start imitating your daily behaviors. Like pretending to talk on her cell phone. Hilarious yes, but it's learning all the same.

Toddler Games: Month Ten

Functional Play

Help exercise her brain and language skills through functional play, like having your toddler take a comb and try to comb her hair or your hair.

Walk with Me

Let your toddler hold onto your fingers and try to walk, always praising and encouraging her along the way.