="typograph">Toddler Development: Month Twelve
  • She will insist on doing things herself
  • She may take her first unassisted steps
  • She may be able to respond to about 20 to 50 words; however, this is highly variable

Let Them Smush Cake

She's learning to walk and talk and basically get what she wants. She's also developing a sense of who she is. Part of that one year toddler development is a stubborn need to do things herself. So let her, to a point. If her little mistakes can't hurt her, they can only help.

Walk Like a Toddler

The word toddle means to walk unsteadily. Toddler walking is like a duck, with their feet spread apart for balance. And for the endless adoration of their family and friends. Enjoy the show, because soon you'll be running to keep up with her.

Your Human Dictionary

Vocabularies can have growth spurts too. It's normal for your toddler to know anywhere from a few to dozens of words at this point. However, vocabulary is highly variable at this point. Ask your toddler for a kiss, or to point to her belly, and see what happens.

Toddler Games: Month Twelve

Revisit Family Events

Help your toddler strengthen her memory by watching videos of family events, or by looking at photos of them.