Baby Development: Month Four

  • Four month old babies may show new interest in playing with toys
  • Your four month old baby may be able to roll over but if she doesn't, not to worry, not all babies do this now
  • Four month old babies are learning how to laugh

Four Month Old Baby Laughs: The Greatest Sound on Earth

What could be better than the sound of your baby's laughter, except maybe hearing it again? Making your baby laugh is one of the simple joys of parenthood. Try making funny faces, goofy grins and “raspberries” on her belly. Or see if a little gentle tickling will do the trick.

Four Month Old Infant Motor Skill Development

At around four months, infant motor skill development really takes off. One clear example is the act of rolling over. Most babies approach rolling over in their own way. Usually they roll first from their tummy to their back. Some babies roll over as early as three months. Others wait until they begin to sit and crawl. However it happens, when you see your baby rocking back and forth on her stomach, kicking her legs and “swimming” with her arms, you know that she's about to roll over. And this is no one-time event. Once she starts, there's no stopping her. Be careful on the changing table and other high surfaces. She's quicker than you think.

Please Pass the Toys

Your baby's brain has been busy sharpening up her motor skills. Kicking, swatting, grabbing and rattling all require dexterity, memory and a longer attention span.

New visual skills also show up this month. Your four-month old is taking great pleasure in learning that objects come in different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. She'll do a lot of staring to take in these newfound beautiful things in her world. When sitting on your lap, some babies will show visual attention to an object several feet away — a great example of her expanding interests.

Four Month Old Baby Development Games

Stimulate her senses . 

Give her soft toys of different textures. Or let her sniff a piece of fruit or light perfume. Play music for her.