Baby Development: Month Eight

  • She is learning to systemically investigate things in her world
  • She may be working on standing up (this usually happens sometime between 7 and 12 months of age)
  • She can see objects at a distance now
  • She will begin to use exaggerated hand and arm gestures to communicate. Like outstretched arms mean “pick me up!”
  • Her short-term memory has improved; for example, if you leave the room and are out of sight, she may crawl to the other room to find you

So Much to Learn, So Little Time Until Nap

Better short-term memory. Improved vision. Hand/finger dexterity. An understanding of cause and effect. Increased mobility. Is it any surprise that your baby spends her waking hours looking, listening and touching to learn about her world?

Everything is so exciting at this point in her life. Everything. She may be excited to crawl to discover you after you walk out of sight! You may take her to the zoo only to find her fascinated by a few leaves blowing in the wind! This month, she will start turning toys over in her hands, examining them. This is a fine motor skill, a major infant motor skill development for her.

Will the Eight-Month-Old Please Stand Up?

With so much improvement in their arm and hand skills, for many babies it's now time to turn their attention to their legs. Her stronger, more limber muscles will allow her to crawl further, sit up longer and even surprise you by standing up. Her hip and knee joints are starting to “lock in,” instead of collapsing under the weight of her body. You may find your baby standing alone at 7 months—or even at 12. Both are normal ages.

Learning to Play Games

Have fun playing games like Peek-a-boo, So Big and Pat-a-cake with your baby this month. You'll get your fix of baby giggles, and she'll learn about sequences of events and how to coordinate her part of the game with yours.

Please, Please Don't Leave Me

She is used to familiar faces and she may be uncomfortable with new situations and unfamiliar people. Your happy-go-lucky baby may now be clinging or crying.

Baby Games: Month Eight

Fun with standing. 

Lift your baby to a standing position and let her dance, bounce or walk.

Let your baby do the packing.

Put some toys in a net bag, and show your baby how to take things out and put them back. Or provide a big, clear, wide-mouthed, plastic jar. Show her how to dump them out... and to put them back in.