Toddler Development: Month Nine

  • He is learning to pick things up with one hand, and use his thumb and pointer finger
  • He can solve simple problems and adapt to change
  • His vowel/consonant combinations will start sounding more like words
  • He demands more control over his social interactions



The Age of Creative Problem Solving

Your toddler's brain is making quantum leaps right now. Child experts call these latest brain developments in toddlers acting intelligently. Now when you put your toddler's rattle under his blanket, he doesn't just cry for it. He reaches under the blanket and gets it for himself. Proudly.

Of course, your toddler will now use these advanced motor and cognitive skills to try and put himself in the driver's seat. He may demand to be held. Insist on sharing your food. Crawl toward you when he wants you. Or rebel against a diaper change. Revel in his independence, for better or for worse.

Toddler Communication: Makes Sense to Me

To your 9-month-old, his strings of da-na's and babas are a perfectly good answer to your question about dinner. This month though, his babbles will start to sound more like words, prompting you to wonder, “Did he just say spoon?” While a true connection between the sound and the object it refers to may be a while off yet, he may just surprise you.

Toddler Games: Month Nine

Establish Routines

Set up some bedtime, bath time and feeding routines with your toddler. It will help him start to know what will happen next.

Play with Gestures

Use some simple “sign language,” like waving and shaking your head yes or no, with your toddler. If he uses them back, explore some other “signs” to learn together.