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12 Gifts for New Moms

12 Gifts for New Moms

Celebrate the new mom with gifts she’ll appreciate and use. These thoughtful gift ideas are some of our favorites, and they’re ideal for holidays, birthdays, Mother’s Day, baby showers, and special events and occasions.

First-time mom gifts

The moment a woman becomes a mom is unlike any other. Honor this incredible life milestone with gifts the first-time mom will love.

Registry gifts

Chances are the new mama didn’t get everything on her registry, so think about making that your first stop when looking for gifts. It’s all the items she really wanted and needed and may include everything from baby gear and nursery decor to adorable baby clothes.

Photo gifts

With babies, everyday moments are the perfect photo ops. Picture frames, photo blankets and mugs, and gift cards for photo books are the ideal gifts for the first-time parent paparazzo.

Cozy gifts for new moms

For cuddling with baby or catching up on some much-needed shut-eye, these gifts deliver comfort and relaxation.

Sleep mask

A sleep mask blocks light and relaxes mama’s eyes to help her get those all-important Zzs while their little one sleeps during the day.

Plush blanket

Snuggle time is the best time. A super soft blanket helps mommy and baby enjoy those precious moments in blissful luxury. While fancy fabrics are beautiful, a machine-washable blanket is probably a bit more practical.

Beauty gifts for new moms

Pamper the new mama with beauty gifts that can help her feel her best.

Breastfeeding gift basket

Create a breastfeeding gift basket and include rich, moisturizing nipple cream with purified lanolin that can provide some welcome relief from sore nipples and dry, cracked sensitive skin. Add in nursing pads and a package of lactation tea.

Body washes

Give mom a set of body washes to match her different moods. A lavender and chamomile body wash helps promote calmness, while a citrus-scented wash can feel energizing. Look for gentle options made with natural ingredients and that are free of parabens. Not sure what she’d love? Get mom a gift card to her favorite beauty or body care store.

Gifts for active moms

Is the new mom into fitness or travel? Life just got even more active and adventurous. These gifts can help mama and her little one explore the world together.

Hiking baby carrier

Mom can take baby to go in a hiking carrier that gives her hands-free convenience and her tiny hitchhiker a comfy, high-level view of all the action. Front and back baby carriers are for infants who can sit upright and weigh between 16 and 50 pounds. Check model guidelines before purchasing.

Exercise gear and gift cards

Give mom gifts that she can use with her new little fitness buddy, like a jogging stroller, matching mommy and baby exercise outfits and sneakers, or a gift card to mommy and me exercise classes.

Gifts for moms who love to cook

These gifts bring convenience to the kitchen. They’re perfect for the home chef pro, DIY baker, or any new mom who wants to slash minutes off meal prep time.

Time-saving kitchen tools

An instant pot or air fryer can help the busy new mom save time cooking all types of foods and dishes. Or give her a crockpot—she can fill it with ingredients in the morning, go about her day, and have a meal ready for dinner.

Food processor

With so many uses, from mixing up soups and chopping veggies to pureeing baby food and kneading dough, a food processor gift could become the new mama’s go-to kitchen appliance.

Gifts for new mom and baby

Celebrate the terrific twosome of mom and baby with these special gifts.

Mommy and baby gifts

Consider gifts that do double duty and offer something for both mom and baby, such as matching mommy and me outfits or a pair of slippers for mom and booties for baby.


Build baby’s library with picture books mom and baby can enjoy together. Reading to the baby promotes bonding and can encourage the baby’s brain developmentand stimulate their imagination. Make the gift extra meaningful and personal by writing a note to the recipients.

Celebrate those special new motherhood moments by giving the gift of Enfamil.

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