Your baby is born with a set of involuntary responses called reflexes. They can last for several weeks or several months. Many newborn reflexes are the nervous system’s way of letting her protect and take care of herself out there.

Newborn Sucking Reflex

When something touches her lips or the roof of her mouth, she'll automatically start to suck. This triggers swallowing, and also calms her.

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Newborn Rooting Reflex

Touch your baby's cheek with a finger or nipple and she will turn toward it. This rooting reflex helps her find food.

Newborn Startling Reflex

These sudden, jerky motions and cries in response to loud noises or quick movements disappear in a few months. Remember all that kicking in the womb?

Newborn Stepping Reflex

When you support your baby with one foot flat on a firm surface, she'll "walk" her other foot forward. But before you call the records books, know that this reflex goes away at about two months.

Newborn Grasping Reflex

Put your finger in the palm of your baby's hand, or on the underside of her foot. She'll grasp it, tightly. You may be surprised at how strong she is at this early age.