The better you eat, the better the health of both you and your baby. Here are a few ways to control pregnancy cravings for junk food.

Even if you’re not yearning for pickles and ice cream or other odd food combinations, you might find you have more sudden, strong food cravings during your pregnancy. (Blame those hormones.) When you have a yen for healthy food, that’s great news. When that’s not the case, though, here’s how to control pregnancy cravings:

Pregnancy Cravings: Smart Ways to Take Control

Make it a true treat. Have a scoop of ice cream or a sliver of that double chocolate cake as a treat every now and then, not with each meal.

Add a side of healthy. If you’re going to eat an ice cream sundae, aim to include a banana and heart-healthy walnuts. Or have a side salad with your burger.

Remember portion control. A slender slice of cheesecake or a small cookie can satisfy your food craving.

If you’re craving something sweet, indulge in some fruit—maybe dried bananas. Looking for a crunchy choice? Kale chips can replace potato chips.

Plan ahead for snacks. It’s smart to keep cheese, nuts, fruits, and vegetables prepped and ready to take on the go. That way you won’t be as easily tempted by quick but less-than-nutritious fixes when you’re out and about.