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NICU Baby: A Guide to Premature Baby Gifts for Newborns, Parents, and Nurses

NICU Baby: A Guide to Premature Baby Gifts for Newborns, Parents, and Nurses

If you know a parent of a preemie, you may be wondering what to get them as their newborn receives extra care in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). This guide explores some of the best gifts for premature babies, their moms and dads, and the extraordinary nurses who oversee the little ones.

Preemie baby gifts

Not sure what to buy for a preemie baby? Consider gifts that will provide comfort, promote baby-parent bonding, and create a more homelike environment.

Board books

Whether you select a classic children’s tale, a funny book, or an inspirational story written specifically for early babies, a book is a special gift. Reading aloud to a baby allows the child to hear the parent’s voice and promotes bonding and connection between the two. For sanitary reasons, choose board books over soft-covers since they can be wiped down.

Preemie clothes

The sweet baby may not be able to wear non-NICU-issued clothes just yet, but in time, mom and dad will be able to dress their little one. Help them prepare for the big day with gifts of adorable preemie-sized hats, diaper covers, onesies, and sleepers.

Gifts for parents of NICU babies

Preemie parents go through a lot as they wait for their baby’s exciting homecoming day. Here are some of our favorite, practical gifts for NICU moms and dads that will make their lives a little easier.

Gift cards and parking passes

Preemie parents spend a lot of time at the NICU and traveling back and forth between home and the hospital. Parking passes and gift cards for gas, the hospital cafeteria, meal delivery services, or restaurants around the hospital can help ease some stress.

A helping hand

Do the parents have other children? Offer to babysit. Help them take care of their pets, lawn, or household chores by hiring a dog walker, gardening service, or house cleaner. The less they have to worry about at home, the more time they can spend with their baby in the NICU.

Best gifts for NICU nurses

Nurses are the heart of the NICU and are there days, nights, weekends, and holidays. Here are some gift ideas that can help you thank the NICU nurses who work tirelessly caring for those precious babies. Whichever gift you choose, consider accompanying it with a handwritten note telling the nurse how their care helped the baby.

Spa gift cards

A gift card to a spa or for a massage allows the nurses to indulge in a little “me-time.”

Tray of food

Treat the NICU team to fresh sandwiches, coffee and donuts, snacks, fruit, or other foods and beverages. Check with the hospital for delivery guidelines.

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