Your baby will not only develop her senses long before birth, she’ll also start to use them. Learn the when and how of each of those five amazing senses during the fetal growth and development stage.

sensory development begins long before birth Taste

Her first taste buds appear around the second or third month of the baby development stages, along with some early taste perception. This sense will become more refined around your third trimester. A lot of her taste decisions later on will be influenced by the flavors she is experiencing in your prenatal diet. If you choose to nurse, your baby will recognize and be comforted by those flavors in your breast milk.


Your baby's sense of sight is a complex one that develops rapidly over time. She may become sensitive to light around Week 16, but her fuzzy vision won't become sharp and clear until after birth.


Between Months 2 and 5, she'll start to be able to sense touch. The sensitivity starts with her mouth, and spreads quickly to her whole body. Before long, she'll get to know the feeling of her body and her environment, by brushing up against the uterine wall.


About the time you begin to feel your baby move, she'll be starting to get to know your voice. She can hear your heartbeat and the sounds your stomach makes. By Week 24, her hearing will be well-established.

She'll be able to smell around Week 28, and her talents will improve in your third trimester. Recognizing smells is another way she can make sense of the world around her, before and after birth.