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Sleep-Training Your Baby: 3 Tips

Sleep-Training Your Baby: 3 Tips

By three months old, many babies can sleep up to 10 hours a night without waking to eat. With a little help, that is. Learn how to sleep-train your baby with these helpful tips.

For the first few months, it’s natural for your little one to wake up every two to four hours around the clock to be fed. The hope is that with each passing month your baby’s time spent awake during the day increase, and their hours asleep at night do, too.

To get to that point, it can help to establish a bedtime routine. Here are three tips for feeding and sleep-training your baby:

Sleep-Training Baby Tip #1. Start with a bath

Give your baby a bath and a gentle massage with moisturizer. Put them in their pajamas and turn down the lights before you feed them.

Sleep-Training Baby Tip #2. Keep it dark

While your baby still needs nighttime feedings until they can sleep through the night, it may help to make these feedings different from their daytime ones. At night, keep stimulation to a minimum. Try using a nightlight instead of turning on bright lights.

Sleep-Training Baby Tip #3. Stay quiet

Keep talking to a minimum and use a low, calm voice when feeding your little one before bed. This can help make it easier for them to sleep after they’ve eaten. They’ll start to understand that this routine comes at night and, hopefully, it’ll help them sleep for longer stretches.

Try this routine for sleep-training your baby as they approach the three-month mark, and it’s possible you’ll be getting some much-needed shuteye of your own! For more information, learn about baby sleep patterns and how to help your little one with them here.

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