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What to Expect when Switching to Enfamil® Reguline®

What to Expect When Switching to Enfamil® Reguline®

Enfamil® Reguline® is complete nutrition for your little one through 12 months of age, designed specifically to promote soft, comfortable stools. It contains prebiotics shown to promote soft, comfortable stools within the first week of use.

Switching to Enfamil Reguline at a Glance

  • Designed for babies experiencing occasional constipation, Reguline promotes comfortable stools within one week
  • Complete nutrition just like routine Enfamil® Formula
  • Expect to see softer, more regular pooping at first

How prebiotics in Enfamil Reguline help

If you’ve ever had trouble keeping bowel movements regular, your doctor might have recommended eating more fiber. If babies are having trouble pooping, they might benefit from getting prebiotics in their formula.

Tips for introducing Enfamil Reguline To Your Baby's Diet

When introducing Reguline to your baby's diet, it's important to first talk with your pediatrician so that they can provide you with a game plan. At first you may see very loose stools, which can happen for a few days as your baby’s body adjusts.

How long does it take for Enfamil Reguline formula to work?

Enfamil Reguline promotes softer and comfortable stools within a week. While it’s normal to see softer and sometimes loose stools for the first few days, your baby should start to pass stool more normally within a week. If you begin to notice diarrhea or persistent loose stool, let your doctor know.

Enfamil Reguline Formula and Savings

Enfamil Reguline can be found at many major retail stores, pharmacies, grocery stores and online on websites like Amazon, Target, Walmart, or right here on Be sure to check with each retailer to confirm price and availability–our store locator can also help.

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Frequently asked questions

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