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Top 5 Toddler Gift Ideas

Top 5 Toddler Gift Ideas

Wondering what to put on the list of birthday gift ideas for family and friends? Here are five toddler gift ideas to help your little one make out like a bandit.

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Okay, so your toddler loves the wrapping paper more than the gift itself. That’s typical at this age. So, when friends and family ask, suggest presents that foster fun ways to learn. And, maybe your little one will put down that wrapping paper long enough to start enjoying their new loot.

Toddler Gift Idea #1. Books

Why they’re great gifts: Reading to your toddler helps them build language and literacy skills long before they can read on their own. Early vocabulary and listening skills help them in school later on. Plus, your toddler can never have enough good books.

Some ideas: The best books at this age have engaging, imaginative illustrations, and help develop basic language and number concepts. If your toddler shows an interest in a special topic, like animals or trucks, look for books that feature those.

Here’s a reading list of toddler classics:

Toddler Gift Idea #2. Toys that encourage activity

Why they’re great gifts: Toddlers love to move! Anything they can ride, push, or pull helps them practice motor skills and coordination. It burns off a little of their boundless energy, too.

Some ideas: Wagons, pedal-free bikes, doll strollers, play grocery carts, pull toys, plastic bowling sets, pounding and hammering toys, and large balls..

Toddler Gift Idea #3. Problem-solving toys

Why they’re great gifts: Toddlers practice skills through play. Toys that give them a chance to figure things out on their own build creative and thinking skills. Such activities also help kids work on motor skills, how things fit and work together, and hand-eye coordination. Open-ended toys for creative play are great since they can be used in different ways.

Some ideas: Puzzles with large pieces, shape sorters, nesting blocks or cups, art materials like play clay, paint, thick crayons, and wood blocks.

Toddler Gift Idea #4. Gifts that inspire a love of nature

Why they’re great gifts: According to research, kids who spend time outdoors are more physically active, more creative in their play, less physically aggressive, and show better concentration.

Some ideas: Try toys for outdoor play such as balls, sandbox toys like shovels and dump trucks, or gardening tools like a child-size rake or watering can.

Toddler Gift Idea #5. Special outings

Why they’re great gifts: Not every toddler gift has to come in a package. In general experiences can make people happier and your toddler will be no exception.

Some ideas: Suggest a day at the zoo or a farm. Garden or throw a tea party in your backyard. Visit a different playground. Even seeing a performance whether music, dance, or puppets, can feel special. Also, if you take photos, you and your toddler can revisit the experience for years to come.

Now your friends and family have plenty of fun and helpful toddler gift ideas. Fingers crossed that whatever they find can compete with that wrapping paper.

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