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4 Activities for Toddler Physical Development

4 Activities for Toddler Physical Development

Your toddler can’t wait to explore the world, and they’ve got all the energy in the world to do it. Let’s support them as they turn that energy into exciting new toddler physical developments. 

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Here are four fun toddler physical development activities that can help your little one develop upper body strength, balance, and rhythm.

1. Painting with water 

Builds: upper body strength

All you need is a clean paintbrush and a sidewalk, weather permitting. Otherwise, you can enjoy this activity in the garage or basement floor since it’s water and not paint you’ll be using—we’re not suggesting a toddler-led remodel. Simply dip the brush in a small bucket of water and apply to the sidewalk or floor. Show your child how to “paint,” and watch your budding artist grow. The best part: this activity requires little to no cleanup!

2. Standing up

Builds: balance

Is your kiddo pulling themselves up to a standing position by now? If so, this vertical stance allows for many new activities. Here’s an easy one using your sofa. First, remove the cushions. Then, line up small toys on the sofa so they’re level with your little one. Observe what they do with the toys. Does your child pick them up and throw them on the floor? Do they balance with one hand on the sofa and one hand on a toy? Do they use two hands for the toy and balance against the sofa? All of these are great physical developments!

3. Stop and go dance

Builds: rhythm

Okay music lovers, this one’s for you. The next time you listen to music, stop the song periodically, then "freeze" in place as you hold your little one. When the tune resumes, exaggerate your dance moves, swinging and dipping your child. They’ll love the feeling of movement and you’ll both love learning some new moves together.

4. Climbing

Builds: gross motor skills

Climbing gives your child opportunities to get their energy out. There are lots of ways you can do this. You may consider a structure like a small jungle gym or wooden slide. Even something as simple as a sturdy wooden stool next to a cushioned chair lets them climb in and out of the chair for practice. Either way, try to set up equipment that they can easily climb on without any help. 

Time with your cutie goes by quickly. Hopefully these toddler physical development activities can help make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

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