Meet the nutritional formula with triple benefits for your baby.

By investing in research we’ve made discoveries that help us advance toward our single-minded goal – to make formulas that are closer than ever to breast milk.  And that includes getting closer than ever to breast milk’s immune benefits.

Enfamil PREMIUM® has Triple Health Guard® blend. It’s specially tailored nutrition in Enfamil PREMIUM® Newborn and Enfamil PREMIUM® Infant formulas.

Triple Health Guard has 30 total nutrients tailored for your child’s healthy growth. It also has DHA, an Omega-3 fat, that helps nourish the brain during these years of rapid brain growth and development. And it has our exclusive dual prebiotic blend. These prebiotics are clinically proven to support immune health similar to the way breast milk does. They feed the good bacteria naturally found in the gut where 70% of the immune system is located. And in addition to all of these important benefits, these formulas are non-GMO*.

Triple Health Guard means Enfamil PREMIUM formulas are similar to breast milk. And that’s good news for you – and your baby.

*Ingredients not genetically engineered. For more information, visit