Get to know Enfamil PREMIUM®'s latest brain-nourishing ingredient.


Inositol is a nutrient you may not know much about, but you'll want to. Because like DHA, it's a building block of the brain.

Inositol is the third-most abundant free carbohydrate found in breast milk. It's also found at high levels in colostrum and mature breast milk. And emerging evidence indicates inositol may play a role in brain development.

Enfamil PREMIUM is the first and only infant formula to have the average amount of inositol found in breast milk worldwide*.

The emerging science behind inositol benefits.

A recent study in infants who were small for gestational age or whose size was appropriate for gestational age set out to determine if inositol levels in the brain were associated with neurodevelopment. Researchers used the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development (BSID-III) – a standardized tool which measures neurodevelopment in infants and toddlers. And the results of this study are good news for Enfamil moms.

At 2 years of age, researchers found a significant positive correlation between brain inositol and inositol + glycine levels and the score on language subset of the BSID-III. Additionally, infants who had low scores on the BSID language subset were found to have lower brain inositol levels than infants with normal scores.

When you nourish with Enfamil PREMIUM, you're giving your baby the same average amount of inositol previously available only to babies who were exclusively breastfed.

And nourishing your baby's brain now is important because the brain grows most in the first year of life. So why not assure your baby gets a similar amount of inositol found in breast milk? After all, nutrition that comes closer than ever to breast milk is the standard you expect. And the standard your baby deserves.

*The average worldwide levels in mature breast milk over the course of lactation of inositol is 22 mg/100 kcal.
Study did not assess effect of inositol in the diet.