For the past nine months, your baby has been working on the development of her senses while in the womb. All the better to see, hear and smell the object of her affections—you—right from day one.

See how her baby senses are changing as a newborn:

 Your Newborns Senses


Newborn babies can already pick out a variety of flavors, like sweet and sour. And they're all born with a taste for breast milk or formula.


Your baby's had her finely tuned sense of smell since your third trimester. And now she's using it to help her find nourishment and comfort in the familiar smells of mom and dad.


Her first view of the world was slightly blurry. Right now she can best focus on high-contrast objects between 9 and 12 inches away. In a few short months, things will become sharp and clear for her. Important nutrients like DHA and ARA, found in breast milk and most formula, help support visual development.


For the first few weeks of life, your baby's hearing will be a little muffled. This will ease her into the noisy outside world from the predictable rhythms of the womb.


Your baby's sense of touch starts with her mouth and spreads to her whole body. This may explain her growing eagerness to put anything and everything into her mouth.