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  • No Enfamil products were recalled and we’re doing our part to help with supply: Learn More >

Enfamil® Formula Safety

Enfamil® Formula Safety and Availability

There was a recall of select infant formulas made by another manufacturer that has impacted the supply of infant formulas across the nation, but be reassured that no Enfamil products are affected. We are taking no chances to ensure the continued safety and quality of all Enfamil products as we run our production facilities 24/7 in order to increase supply by more than 30% and counting. 

Since the recall was announced, Enfamil has increased production substantially, and we are proud to be feeding over 200,0000 babies more than prior to the recall. We have also:

  • Cut our time to market almost in half by having trucks ready to load the minute we roll products out of our facilities.
  • Worked with our retail partners to ensure that trucks carrying our infant formula are unloaded first.
  • Reduced the number of different products we make, focusing on those sizes/formats that allow us to get out the most number of feeds.
  • Temporarily shut down our direct-to-consumer operations, allowing us to prioritize supplying retail stores which provide formula for a greater number of infants across the nation. More information.

In addition, we are currently partnering with the White House, FDA, and other governmental agencies to identify additional ways to get a safe and steady supply of infant formula to market faster.

To find available formula near you we recommend checking our Store Locator tool daily, and always call your local store to confirm stock availability.


Our Commitment to Quality: Enfamil Products Remain Safe

The health and safety of our consumers is our top priority. All Enfamil, Nutramigen and PurAmino branded products are safe to use and remain available.

All of our infant formulas have undergone extensive quality tests and checks, which meet or exceed all standards set by the U.S. FDA. We wish to remind caregivers that the health of their baby depends on carefully following all label instructions regarding safe preparation and usage.

If you have any questions or concerns about using our products or trying one for the first time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Call us at 1-800-BABY123.

Helping You Find Alternative Formulas

We understand that the supply situation is worrisome to parents and understand how important infant formula is for babies and children who rely on it. If needed, we can help you find an alternative according to your necessity.

Replenishing Supply

We are continuing to increase production of Enfamil products to help restock the shelves and make more formula readily available to more babies. We will continue to work closely with retailers and suppliers to keep our store locator up-to-date to help you find Enfamil formula products near you.

How to Find Formulas Online

When searching for infant formula online, be sure to update the default search filters. Check off curbside or delivery options, as these may cause the website to incorrectly say that there is no formula available or in stock, and there may actually be some available for in-store purchase. Always call ahead to confirm availability.

Where to Look for Formula Samples

Some pediatricians and hospitals have samples available for parents in need. Your pediatrician can also provide the best guidance for which formula alternatives and/or Enfamil product(s) would best suit your baby’s needs.

Which Enfamil Formula is right for my baby?

Your pediatrician is the best person to ask about your baby’s individual needs, and if you know what ingredients to look for, visit our formula comparison page to see how Enfamil products compare to other brand formulas you may have used.

Need to reach us? Call us!

We are prioritizing our responses to those with urgent questions and needs. The best way to reach us right now is to call 1-800-BABY123.


Updated 5/20/22 4:00 PM EST



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