Developmental Activities for Infants

Sleeping Routine

This is a good time to introduce routines with your child. Before bed, do you read a book first, then sing, then say, "Night, Night"? Try doing the same routine, (whatever you do) so your child begins to understand it is time to go to sleep.

Drop It

This fun activity will develop hand muscles. Put your child in the high chair and place a few small toys on the tray. Place a large mixing bowl on the floor next to the high chair. Have your child drop each toy into the mixing bowl. Show your child how to use a pincer grasp* when holding each toy.
*Pincer grasp is when your child uses the pointer finger and thumb to grasp an object.

Rough and Smooth

Children's sense of touch helps them learn. Locate three rough objects and three smooth objects, (bark of a tree, sandpaper, rough rock, velvet, leaf, silk). Put your child's hand on the piece of tree bark. Say, "Rough". Put your child's hand on the piece of velvet. Say, "Smooth". Go around the house and point out objects that are 'rough' and 'smooth.'

Hats Off!

Children love to be silly. Place your child in front of a mirror. Put different hats on your child's head as you say, "Now you are a a baseball player." You can play as well putting hats on and having your child take them off.

Heavy and Light

This fun activity will help your child understand 'heavy' and 'light.' Place two plastic containers in front of your child. Put one spoon in one of the containers and fill the other container with 10-15 spoons. Put secure lids on both containers. Give the heavy container to your child. Have your child hold it with two hands. Say, "Heavy". Do the same with the light container, saying, "Light." Place both containers in front of your child. Ask your child to give you the light container. Ask your child to give you the heavy container. Hold other objects and repeat the words 'heavy' and 'light' frequently to reinforce the concept.

Sheet Pull

Children love to feel motion. Place your child on a sheet and hold the ends together. Gently pull the sheet around the room as your child enjoys the ride.

Clothing Song

Children love hearing their name in this song! Sing the song using your child's name to the tune, "This is the way we comb our hair, comb our hair, comb our hair..." Try singing the song while dressing your child today: "Emily is wearing a blue dress, a blue dress, a blue dress. Emily is wearing a blue dress all day long." Repeat using the words: shoes, socks, etc.


Today's activity presents a new way to be creative! Give your child a small container of water with baby bath liquid in it. Locate a small round brushes with a wide handle, (sometimes used to clean vegetables). Put the brush in the water and do circular motions on the patio, deck, or garage floor. Scrubbing helps develop fine motor skills, which are important for writing.