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WAVE Premature Baby Discharge Program

WAVE offers a helping hand for you and your premature baby as you transition home from the hospital.

WAVE is a premature discharge program developed by a neonatologist just for parents and caregivers to help your preemie baby continue
to get the special nutrition they need as they go home.

Weight, length, head circumference, Adequate intake of nutriants, volume of milk types and value of labs, Equipment and graphs

Wave weight and growth
The W in WAVE is for weight and growth. The growth of your baby is very important for brain development.* You want to make sure your baby is following a positive growth pattern in weight, length, and head circumference at home as they did in the NICU.
Wave adequate nutrition
A is for adequate nutrition, and what that really means is that your baby is getting the right nutrients, like vitamins and supplements, that they need each day.
Wave volume of intake
V is for volume of intake…how much breast milk, formula, or a mixture of both, that your baby needs to drink. However you choose to feed your baby, it’s important to remember that the amount your baby takes in will change as they grow.
Wave equipment
E stands for equipment. These are the tools that you might need to care for and feed your baby, like breast pumps, feeding pumps, or mixing supplies. This also includes any medications or therapies that have been recommended.


Expert Support

It's natural for NICU families to feel stressed when transitioning home with little one. A NICU doctor helps explain how the WAVE program can be a helping hand from hospital to home.  


EnfaCare gives every premature baby the DHA amount found in average breast milk.*

*Average level of DHA in worldwide breast milk is 0.32% ± 0.22% (mean ± standard deviation of total fatty acids) based on an analysis of 65 studies of 2,474 women.

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