Find out why so many moms trust Enfamil formulas to provide their babies with the nutrition they need for healthy growth and development.

When it comes to making choices for your baby, you probably listen closely to the opinions of other moms. Because making a confident choice for your child’s nutrition is what it’s all about. After all, as long as you’ve researched and listened to moms you trust, you can feel good — knowing you’ve made a smart choice.

We’ve been listening to moms, too. To find out why so many moms trust Enfamil formulas, read on and see for yourself.

“I just wanted to compliment your company on having a quality product and offering so much support for parents, from helpful information to coupons. You definitely go above and beyond.” — A Mom from Pennsylvania


“I have used Enfamil from the very beginning. I am so happy to know that my daughter is getting proper nutrition by using your products. Thank you very much for making a wonderful product for a first-time mother.” — A Mom from Ohio

“I was unable to breastfeed so Enfamil literally saved my daughter’s life.” — A Mom from Minnesota

“My babies all did great on formula after my attempts to breast feed failed. Thank you for being an awesome option for us moms who can’t pull off breastfeeding! You all rock!”  — A Mom from Oklahoma

“My oldest daughter drank Enfamil and now my baby is, too. I feel comfortable with my baby drinking Enfamil, knowing she is getting all the nutrients she needs.” — A Mom from Texas

“ProSobee has been a lifesaver. We switched to ProSobee and now she’s turned into a great baby. Thank you.” — A Mom from Oklahoma

“My daughter is 5 months old and using the Gentlease formula has been very helpful for us. My daughter sleeps well, is healthy, rarely fussy and has no problems with her digestive system. Thanks for that!” — A Mom from California

“My baby loves Enfamil Supplementing.” — A Mom from California


“I had my baby on a [regular formula] and he was really fussy. Switched him to ProSobee and now he’s a happy smiley baby.” — A Mom from North Dakota

Support and Advice from Enfamil

“Just wanted to say great job, Enfamil! Excellent formula by far and great customer service representatives. I work with four other expectant mothers and have referred them all to Enfamil.” — A Mom from New York

Heritage and Reputation

“I’m a grandma using Gentlease powder for my 9-month old grand-daughter. And I’m a long-time customer. I used Enfamil for my son 42 years ago! Thank you for everything. You guys have been great!” — A Grandma from New York


“Enfamil is a trustworthy product that my babies love and never upsets their little bellies. I will recommend Enfamil to any mother!” — A Mom from Texas


“I wanted to let you all know your product has worked great for my daughter. We have been using the ready-to-use Newborn bottles which are awesome for us adjusting to having a baby in the house.” — A Mom from Virginia