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4 Important Baby Formula Ingredients

4 Important Baby Formula Ingredients

When choosing baby formula, it's important to consider whether a formula will provide the most complete possible nutrition to your child. Learn about four important baby formula ingredients as sources of the following nutrients that support infants' development during this important time, and find out if your baby formula provides those elements.


1. DHA

Short for docosahexaenoic acid,

 is an omega-3 fatty acid. DHA is an important baby formula ingredient that supports healthy brain development and more. It's an important building block of both the brain and the eyes. Additionally, studies have shown that DHA also contributes to the development of a healthy immune system and helps support the nervous system and respiratory health.

2. Inositol

The third-most abundant free carbohydrate found in breast milk,

, like DHA, is also a building block of the brain. Emerging science is uncovering the important role inositol may play in healthy brain development in infants. Enfamil NeuroPro™ is the only infant formula to have the average amount of inositol found in breast milk worldwide.*

3. Vitamin D

Of course, more than just your baby's brain is growing rapidly. Each day it probably seems your baby grows taller and stronger.

is an important nutrient for growing babies because it's necessary to absorb calcium and phosphorous, which supports healthy bone growth.

4. Prebiotics

DHA isn't the only baby formula ingredient that helps in healthy immune system development. Prebiotics, a specific type of carbohydrates, work to feed the good bacteria found in the digestive tract and are helpful for overall digestive health. Since about 70% of the immune system is located in the digestive tract, prebiotics can help support your baby's immune health.

Backed by decades of research on breast milk and clinical studies on brain development, Enfamil NeuroPro infant formula has these important baby formula nutrients and is closer to breast milk than ever before. Learn more today about how Enfamil NeuroPro can support your baby's healthy development with these nutrients and more.


*The average worldwide levels in mature breast milk of inositol is 22mg/100 kcal.

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