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From Crawling to Walking

From Crawling to Walking

Here are some common baby development stages for the first year.

Babies have their own internal calendars when it comes to crawling, standing and walking. Don’t worry if one of her playgroup buddies is cruising while your baby is just sitting there playing; infant growth and development varies widely. Once she’s ready to bloom, there’ll be no stopping her baby movements.

Month 6

She's probably sitting up, either unassisted or by putting her hands on the floor.

Soon she'll learn how to pivot on her stomach by kicking her legs.

Month 7

She may be preparing to crawl with her tummy on the floor, and mostly by using her arms and legs.

Month 8

She can probably hold onto a piece of furniture now, maybe even by pulling herself up. She may be able to creep on her knees and with her chest and tummy off the floor.

Month 9

She may be able to cruise from one piece of furniture to another now.

Month 10

She may let go of the crib rails and stand on her own, if only for a few seconds.

Month 11

Practicing walking is likely to be all she wants to do these days.

Month 12

Once she's steady on walking, she'll start do it toddler-style, with her legs spread apart for balance.

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