Ever look in your baby's diaper and wonder, "Is that normal?" Learn what poop consistency and color reveal about your baby's health, how inconsistencies are nothing to worry about, and what warning signs to keep an eye on.

Ever look in your baby's diaper and wonder, "Is that normal?"? Here's the scoop on poop:

- In a newborn, it's normal for stools to look dark green or black for the first few days. This is called meconium.

- Afterward, they'll range from green-brown to yellow-brown. A breast-fed baby will produce mustard-colored, seedy, and mushy or loose stools, while a formula-fed baby will have stools that are greenish or tan with a peanut butter-like appearance.

Don't worry if you see slight changes from day-to-day, but it's not normal for stools to be bloody or whitish or very watery. If this happens, call your doctor.

When it comes to dirty diapers, knowing what's normal and speaking with your pediatrician can help you to better understand if all is well with your baby.